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Semi- automatic assembly machine Machine performance and characteristics:

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Wenzhou FengBang Machinery Co., Ltd. are a company specializing in the assembly of book boxes. Our group product are mainly divided into two types, one is automatic and the other is semi-automatic.They belong to the post-press packaging machine equipment, its purpose is to book box assembly, the role is to spray on the shell of the box, and then the shell and the inner box together.

They can be assembled in a variety of boxes, wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, moon cake boxes, gift boxes, heaven and earth cover boxes, and so on

Our machine has been certified by CE

Semi- automatic assembly machine

Machine performance and characteristics:

First, the shell stacked on the stack, no stop skin shell.

Second, the leather shell vacuum suction belt transport, no scratch.

Third, the guideway drawing glue, the coarse group can be adjusted.

Four, the whole machine one font type, the occupation area is small

Fifth, the inner box leather shell in the same direction a person feeding, save labor. The whole machine should be operated by only 2 people

Six, the inner box service takes the box, has the automatic edge-correcting function, the precision is high.

Seven, the whole machine has five division service, adjust the data input, simple operation, no reported rate.

Eight, the pressure box part up press down pressure side press one time to complete

According to the requirements of different products, we have different glue 1, hot glue, hot melt adhesive 2 is cold glue, white glue

It can assemble 18-25 boxes in a minute.

Semi automatic operation instructions:

First of all, in the control system, set the style to draw glue, then put the leather shell at the location point. The box is transported from the conveyor belt to the glue spray location point, and the glue gun draws glue on the leather shell. After the glue is drawn, the inner box is placed on the leather shell and the box comes to the pressure box. The case is glued to the inner box. Finally, the workman arranges the box.