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Automatic assembly machine operation instructions

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Wenzhou FengBang Machinery Co., Ltd. are a company specializing in the assembly of book boxes. Our group product are mainly divided into two types, one is automatic and the other is semi-automatic.They belong to the post-press packaging machine equipment, its purpose is to book box assembly, the role is to spray on the shell of the box, and then the shell and the inner box together.

They can be assembled in a variety of boxes, wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, moon cake boxes, gift boxes, heaven and earth cover boxes, and so on

Our machine has been certified by CE

Automatic assembly machine operation instructions:

Set the pattern of glue on the control system

Put the leather shell in the automatic rise position and put the inner box on the side conveyor belt. And start the machine.

The leather shell moves from the position of the automatic riser to the position of the spray glue. The glue gun sprays the glue on the shell. After drawing the glue, the conveyor belt carries the shell to the position of the inner box. The manipulator clamps the inner box onto the leather shell,(Available clip or sucker) which is then transported to the box position to glue them together, and finally to the flip plate to integrate the box.

The width can be adjusted according to the size of the product.

Self rising crust

This place is set up with glue graphics.

Usually can be set, straight, square,Z, and so on


Automatic riser shell