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FB-650A Full Automatic Book Box Assembly Machine


    FB-650A Full Automatic Book Box Assembly Machine 

    Automatic hardcover feeding, Automatic gluing, automatic inner box feeding and positioning, Pressing, Folding, Finished product output.


    FB-650 Full automatic hardcover Spraying machine / book box assembly machine is the necessary processing equipment for the medium and large enterprise which producing hardcover box, Luxury packaging manufactured.

    Machine brief:

    Depend on different kinds of design hardcover box, spray glue trail could be intelligent edit, sprayed on the hardcover or paperboard with different shapes glue trail. Use economic and reasonable amount glue, with precision spraying. Intelligent suction and position inner box and pressing, the inner box and hardcover glued together, Book shape hardcover gift box assembly complete.


    Hardcover Max size145*220mm
    Hardcover Min size500*900 mm
    Hardcover thickness1-4mm
    Accuracy±0.2 mm
    Glue line thickness1.5-4mm
    Glue quantity1g-5g/s
    Glue temperature180°
    Work speed25 pcs/min
    Total power6kw
    Air Pressure5-8kg/m2
    Package Dimension3050*1920*1760 mm / 2170*1370*1460 mm
    Net Weight2100kg
    Gross Weight 2500kg
    PackageFree fumigation wooden case
    CustomizableAny Special Product Spray Adhesive Can be Customized as Required.

    Machine details:

    Machine include: Mechanical part, Transport part, Spray system, Pneumatic part, Electrical part.

    1、Mechanical part

    New design of the same direction feeding hardcover and inner box, reduce one worker and improve the efficiency.

    Servo motor control travel, inner paper box positioning accurately, error ±0.01.

    Hardcover deviation correcting automatic.

    2、Transport part

    Every step of hardcover transfer process is relatively static, vacuum suck to hardcover and transport by conveyor belt stably, to prevent the hardcover surface scratches.

    vacuum suck to inner paper box, to prevent the inner box surface scratches.

    *Hardcover under suction

    3、Spray system

    The glue gun applies most advanced air-to-on/off technology applied for adhesive spraying system.

    Wear-free closing structure enables the sprayer to precisely cut off adhesive flow. glue line control easy.

    The maximum switching frequency is 500 cycles per second.

    The machine adopts high temperature hot melt adhesive to ensure efficiency and quality.

    Glue amount can be adjusted, glue line thickness can be controlled, no need to clean the glue box.

    *Glue gun free movement

    4.Inner box vacuum suction or clip and accurate position

    Air valve control airflow, accurate and thorough, every action step in place.

    5.Electrical part

    The system applies most advanced 32-bit processor and optimized software algorithms to fulfill its functions of high precision and automation;

    Humanized digital interface carries a 5.7 inch easily-applicable touch screen, digital input the mechanical action and free editing of spraying trajectory;

    Three servo motors to control the mechanical action stroke.


    According to the customers’ products, we can add the cold glue spray system, pls feel free to contact us.


    High grade cosmetics, luxury, art, jewelry, swatch packaging box.
    Hardcover food, dairy products, tea, cakes, wine packaging.

    Warranty Service:

    Machines are new (or unused) and the guarantee period will be given thirteen months from shipment date. During this period, the seller will provide free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the machine’s quality, but the buyer must pay the courier cost. Parts damaged because of mishandling and consumable parts are not covered by any warranty.

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