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FB-1000 Automatic Book-like Box Assembling Machine



    Feeding by hand→ Glue spraying → Position→Combine→Pressing→Molding by hand→Final product

    FB-1000 semi-automatic book-like box assembling machine is the necessary processing equipment for the medium and large enterprise which producing hardcover box, Luxury packaging manufactured.

    It is automatic position fixing and glue spraying by manipulator. It applies hot melt adhesive and double stations to fulfill the functions of automatic local coating, positioning and box pressing, ensures precision, strong adhesion, no missing and high efficiency during the processing of box fix together


    1.The glue spraying system applies 32-bit processor and Software optimization calculation, to achieve high precision automation.

    2.Digital Interface, 5.7” touch screen easy control.

    3.Glue gun system using gas open gas off technology

    4.Wear-free close structure enables the sprayer to precisely cut off adhesive flow.

    5.The maximum frequency of switching is 500 cycles per second.

    6.Three sets of Panasonic servo motor, Stable and reliable

    7.Glue type adopts high temperature hot melt glue to ensure box quality.

    8.Local glue graphics trajectory can be edit freely.

    9.We could receive special customization depend on customer reminds.


    Size of Box30*30 mm~1000*700 mm
    Speed2200~3000 PS/H
    Glue line thickness1-6mm
    Glue quantity1g-5g/s
    Hot glue temperature180°
    Air Pressure5-8 kg/m2 
    Gross Weight1200kg 
    Details images:

    Spraying Trail:


    Warranty Service:

    Machines are new (or unused) and the guarantee period will be given thirteen months from shipment date. During this period, the seller will provide free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the machine’s quality, but the buyer must pay the courier cost. Parts damaged because of mishandling and consumable parts are not covered by any warranty.

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